About PFF

Pakistan Football Federation was established in 1948 with Father of the nation, Mr.Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the 1st Patron-in-chief. Pakistan Football Federation is FIFA’s member association since 1948 and a body entitled by FIFA for governing, developing and promoting football in Pakistan. It has the mandate to hold national football events and organize all other football activities. PFF’s regulations and constitution are in accordance with FIFA and Asian Football Confederation’s constitution directly supervised by AFC and FIFA. PFF president, Syed Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, is also the head of the legal committee for Asian Football Confederation and a member of FIFA disciplinary committee.

Pakistan Football Federation was given the “AFC aspiring award 2013” by the Asian Football Confederation, an award given to one Asian country every year that shows strongest progress in football’s development. Whereas PFF has hosted more than 30 international events bringing more than 25 international teams to Pakistan in the last 10 years.

Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat (PFF President)

During the last 10 years, PFF has made a conscious effort to promote all fields of Football. That is why it makes me very proud when I get to know through all segments of Pakistan’s society that Pakistan Football is making gradual but quiet tangible progress. And also that it is being acknowledged by the FIFA and AFC to the extent that they have given their full support to PFF in creation of vital infrastructure and in terms of improving its organization. It also makes me happy to know that the global game is quiet rapidly gaining popularity in Pakistan.

All these factors - a proactive PFF, backup of the FIFA and AFC, positive results of Pakistan National Football Teams and substantive increase in public interest in football, go well for the development of football in Pakistan. I am optimistic that the Pakistan Football Federation would continue to take advantage of this sporting environment and growth and development of the game in the country would carry on at a brisk pace.

Lt.Col Ahmad ®Yar Khan Lodhi (PFF General Secretary)

In an under developed country where we face numerous challenges on day to day basis, the measurement of Pakistan’s football’s level of success during the last decade indicates that PFF came across many moments of satisfaction where Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has earned several laurels for the Nation through football. The game of football has been promoted significantly and development can be clearly witnessed at all levels of football. The gradual increase in good performance of PFF under the present setup resulted in its triumph of earning "AFC" Aspiring Award the Year 2013. It makes us proud to state that despite of financial constraints, by the grace of Almighty; Pakistan’s Football has taken off and from nowhere it is now seen on the Sports radar as third biggest game in Pakistan.

PFF under dynamic leadership of its President took multidimensional steps to promote the game of football in Pakistan. It was certainly not an easy task. It needed day & night efforts to design the basic required framework. Hence to address the issues and to bring the football of Pakistan to a respectable stage at regional and International level a workable plan was chalked out in year 2008 named as "Vision 2022" which reflected the thoughts of its leadership which became the major reason for bringing the Football of Pakistan from "Nowhere to Every Where" in the country.