List of candidates for the elections 2015-2019
PFF Electoral Guidelines for PFF Elections 2015 - 2019
Pakistan Football Referees Association Notification
Decision on Mr.Arshad Khan Lodhi's appeal
Notification of the electoral college of PFRA
Schedule of the Pakistan Football Referee Association
Scrutiny results - PFF Election
Arshad Khan Lodhi
Syed Ashfaq Hussain
Ishrat Naz
Notification - Congress Members
Election rules and directives 2015 - PFF elections
Candidates undertaking/declaration for PFF Election
PFF Election Schedule PFF 2015-2019
Election results - Balochistan
Election results - KPK
Election results - Punjab
Election results - Sins
Code of Conduct
Appeal committe (Punjab)
Appeal committe (KPK)
Election venue & details - Balochistan
Election venue & details - Punjab
Nomination papers rejected by KPK election commisioner
Nomination papers rejected by Punjab election commisioner
Scrutiny result of nomination papers - provincial
Election Rules & Directives 2015