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Pakistan's participation in SAFF Championship is on stake

“If we fail in immediate implementation of FIFA Executive Committee decisions, Pakistan’s football will have to bear a big loss in shape of non participation in SAFF Championship to be held in India from 23 December, 2015” Faisal said while congratulating the members of PFF Exco on the FIFA declaration of validating the PFF elections on 30 June, 2015 . “We are already running out of time as the National Football Team needs 8 weeks training camp before going into such a mega regional event” Faisal added.

Faisal Saleh Hayat President Pakistan Football Federation further said that frozen accounts of PFF are the main hurdle in the way of announcing the training camp for our National Football Team because it needs a lot of financial resources to carry the activity. “It will be a big blow for the country which will be not only very detrimental for the development of football in Pakistan but will also be a source of bad name for Pakistan” Faisal added more. “We are fully aware of the concerns being shown by the National Team Players and circles of coaches about the present situation of football in the country, but on our end all the efforts are being done to bring the football back on the right track as soon as possible” he said.

Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat President PFF has congratulated the PFF Exco members including 3 Vice-Presidents’ Senator Rubina Irfan, Syed Khadim Ali Shah and Sardar Naveed Haider Khan, also including other Exco members Syed Ayaz Zahoor, Muhammad Jan Murree, Saleem Sheikh, Anwar Ul Haque Qureshi, Arif Rahim, Ijaz Ul Haq, Dr. Fazal Ur Rehman, Muhammad Nouman on the validation of their election on 30 June by FIFA.

According to the PFF General Secretary Lt. Col. Retd. Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi, there are approximately 2.5 million registered and unregistered players and officials of football in Pakistan meaning by 2.5 million families are seriously involved in the game. “If we consider a family comprises of 6 members, it means almost 15 million people of Pakistan are being affected by the current situation of football in Pakistan. This must be treated as National issue” Col. Lodhi said. Col. Lodhi further said that the dream of every player whether playing in proper field or on a street is always to play at international level representing his Nation. “We should not let the dreams and hopes of 15 million Pakistani die” Lodhi said.