National University Football Project

One of the most emphasized projects that Pakistan Football Federation is working on is the "National University Football Project". The aim of this project is to engage the youngsters inside the universities who follow international football passionately and understand the game. This will be an opportunity for us to spread awareness amongst the masses inside the universities about the development of football in Paksitan , Domestic Competitions and previous and upcoming international events in Pakistan.

PFF's objective is to use this market to brand the National Team Players (Men & Women), domestic leagues and the clubs that make up these leagues to increase the fan base for football in Pakistan. Also use this opportunity to register football and its related jobs (Coaching, Refereeing and Playing) as a career and not just for recreation so that educated class is attracted towards joining football as a career and will give us a chance to enhance the quality of football through engaging well read and educated class into football that understands the strategic level of football played at the international level.

Pakistan Premier League

NBP 0:1 Army

 K-Electric FC  22 43:20 48
 Pakistan Army FC  22 30:7 45
 Pakistan Air Force FC  22 38:14 42
 PIA FC  22 28:18 38
 WAPDA FC  22 31:14 36
 KRL FC  22 19:16 31
 NBP FC  22 21:17 30
 Muslim FC  22 26:26 29
 Karachi Port Trust  22 29:38 29
10   Afghan FC Chaman  22 24:29 23
11   Pakistan Railways FC  22 13:45 10
12   Baloch FC Quetta  22 6:64 4